Garden Progress – The Fence is up!

Our goal for the Labor Day weekend was to get the fencing up around the garden and we did it! It was hard work and exhausting. This weekend was hot and humid with heat index around 100 so we took lots of breaks and a longer one during the heat of the day. We had to get more fence staples Sunday so we decided to also buy our wood for the bottom of the fence. Each fence we passed on the way to the store we critiqued, agreeing ours looked better than the temporary construction one! In all seriousness, we are proud since neither of us had built a fence before. We agreed we hurt all over when we got into bed on Monday night. My hands are sore as I clamped all the hog rings – see below. I had to put one every foot of fence and some more often if the fence was bowing. We have roughly 156 feet of fencing. Next we will put up the boards for the fence.IMG_6669


The hog ties – they have a nice tool that crimps these together but then I used needle nose pliers to crimp them tighter. IMG_9392

Sidecar Mattie was working hard too this weekend – she always wants to be with us so she hangs out in the garage in front of the fan where it is considerably cooler!IMG_1368

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