Garden Progress

In this post i’m basically going to tell you what not to do when building a garden. Ever since we lived in Baltimore and I had garden boxes that hung on our porch railing, I dreamed of a large garden. When we were looking at homes in NC I would imagine where my garden would go. When we moved into our house we weren’t really sure where we would put our garden. We live on roughly 4.5 acres which is mostly wooded. When we decided on the spot we mapped it out with string and I watched it for days to make sure it would get plenty of sunlight.

In our day jobs, my husband and I plan plenty of successful projects and for some reason we didn’t really plan out the garden. We use graph paper and I designed how the garden would be laid out but we didn’t plan steps and we made this project harder than it had to be. Don’t be like us – plan out and save yourself time. We started with clearing some of our land and removing brush. We then purchased our garden shed, which I like to refer to as the she shed. We should have worked on leveling after clearing. Instead we moved right into putting in posts which meant any leveling would be done bringing in dirt with a wheelbarrow. Did I mention we had a lot of rain this summer? This means our dirt was mud – heavy and hard to move. We have since put weed guard down and are finishing bringing in gravel. We will be putting up the fence and retaining wall in the back to add additional dirt and gravel. We will then need to build our compost box and hydroponic stand. Lastly, we will set-up the shed. Yes, it’s late in the season but I still plan to plant some fall/winter veggies.

Below are progress pictures. We built our garden boxes – four with cedar for growing food and 2 with treated wood for flowers. We used this tutorial. Our local store didn’t have the cedar corner posts so we used four pieces of wood screwed together.


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