Gifts for the Kitchen from Your Travels

Do you have something you collect on your travels as a souvenir from your trip? I know people collect Christmas ornaments (we do this too), spoons, key chains, shot glasses. I love collecting ornaments, it was my sister I got this idea from. Each year when we decorate our tree we reminisce about our trips and each ornament. My other favorite gift for ourselves or others from travel are gifts from the kitchen. I especially love salts (as you can see from my pictures) and spices. These items are easy to transport back home. You can even buy a large package and repackage it to make gifts for others and keep for yourself. Each time I use my salts i’m reminded of where we purchased them or who brought them back. I have salts from Hawaii from my mom, salts from the Borough Market in London, salts from Paris, salts from NYC, and spices from all over the world. Our most recent salts came from our Alaska trip – wild blueberry and smoke salt. They are amazing! I also received a cute box of jam on our trip.

What is your favorite gift you have purchased for yourself or someone else while traveling? What is your favorite gift you have received from someone’s travels?


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