Homemade Butter

Awhile back, I forgot I was making whipped cream as it was whipping away in my mixer.  I came back to find it a little too whipped and thought that looks a bit like butter.  Later on I was looking at Southern Plate.com and Christy Jordan had instructions on how to make butter in a jar.  I was intrigued, could this really be done?  I told Matt about this and he was a bit doubtful – “but don’t you have to shake it for a long time?” he asked.  I googled some more and came up with a bunch of different recipes and techniques.  The morning I made this I was motivated because I had some extra biscuits and whipping cream.  I was amazed, I felt like I was on Mr. Wizard – do you remember him?  He had a science show where he would teach kids science.  I kept showing Matt my progress “see it is pulling away from the sides” and then “look it has solids in it.”  Total this took me about 10-12 minutes of shaking but would be a great activity to do with kids (of any age, you know 2 – 99). To make the butter, I just used an empty jelly jar.  And guess what – the liquid leftover is buttermilk that you can use!  I am probably way too excited that I can make my own butter.    
Homemade butter
Yields ½ cup butter and ½ cup of buttermilk
1 cup whipping cream (I used heavy whipping cream)
1.  Use a jar that allows room for shaking butter milk,  the jar I used the cream filled it about half-way.  
2.   Make sure the lid of the jar is on tight, start shaking.  I checked mine about every 3 minutes.  
3.  You will see the sides start to pull away as the butter starts to form.  Continue to shake until finished solids have formed.  

4.  Empty contents in a colander over a bowl.  Reserve liquid (this is buttermilk) and add salt to butter if desired.  You could also make these flavored butters.  

Lindsay Lou

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