A new day and some new changes to Hoosier Baker…


I promise there will be more food posts since this is a blog about food 😉  Thanks for your patience as I updated the layout of the blog.  Just a few changes to point out

1) As requested, you can now subscribe to the blog by email.  You will be updated daily IF Hoosier Baker is updated.

2) Hoosier Baker is now on Facebook!  Like us and you can also keep updated via Facebook.  You can “Like” Hoosier Baker from our like box here on the webpage (see on the right side of the page).  You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds and posts.

3) The option to subscribe via email and be a fan via facebook have replaced the Followers option.  I enjoy seeing my lovely followers but I have had more requests about providing an option to follow via email and it simplifies the layout of the blog.  Those of you following should still be able to see the feed however you viewed it (google dashboard, etc). 

4)  I have removed the archives but you can still search by labels.  Again, hoping this simplifies the layout.  

Hope you like the new layout and changes.

~Lindsay Lou

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