Hoosier Baker Updates

Happy Spring!  I can’t believe it is April already.  Sorry I have been away from the blog for awhile – I have been immersed in dissertation work.  I of course have been cooking, taking pictures, and doing some other blog-related activities.  By cooking, I mean my mom was here and we made some amazing food and did a lot of fun shopping.  She even taught me how to make my favorite meal – fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy…recipes coming soon.

I wanted to share some excited news at Hoosier Baker.

First, you may notice that Hoosier Baker has a new website:  http://www.hoosierbaker.com (hoosierbaker.com will also take you here and so will the old website http://www.hoosierbaker.blogspot.com).

I also have a new email: lindsaylou@hoosierbaker.com.  So feel free to email me or leave comments and/or questions in the comment section.  I always love hearing from you all!

I hope to continue to share yummy recipes and my love for cooking and baking.

New food posts to come soon šŸ˜‰

Lindsay Lou

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